Brief Description


     As the world develops and renews itself by its each turn, which is made possible through the groundshakingly   creative ideas and innovative advancements in technology that shape the way the earth itself appears,  people's demand and their perception of life vary, develop and change at the same speed. Therefore, they desire to lead their lives in a way  that they can create their own style rapidly and freely so as  to reflect these varieties and novelties. And, of course, this does not call for a manner that harms the nature, the indispensable part of human life; prevents the other living beings from living freely by endangering their lifes or shapes the earth unevenly at the expense of all existence. On the contrary, this requires using the resources in the healthiest and the most practical and flexible way, which can easily be enabled by aluminium  profiles.        

Aluminium profiles are healthy and biodegradable since their raw material is among the metals that are found   most abundantly in nature. And, as it does not need any deleterious chemical additives while being processed in raw fom, it   does not give out any smoke, gas or vapour that is harmful to health. Being shaped and cast easily, it does not change its main colour and respective materials even after certain processes for any type of use. This feature makes it recyclable in whatever raw or processed form it is.         

Aluminium profiles are so practical because they can be combined with many other equivalent and suppository   parts to make a whole system. Indeed, they are so applicable that they can also be opted for various materials such as wall  panel supporters, kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, office furnitures..etc. In other words, they are part and parcel of  everyday life as well. Besides, as they can be relatively easily and promptly manufactured and processed in different wall   thicknesses with exclusively or specially ordered dyes, it is just a matter of time to put them together and carry out their   installation processes on surfaces, spaces and miscellaneous products no matter how hard and complex the main product or  system is.        


  • Windows and doors    
  • Kitchen Doors and Furniture    
  • Sliding Wardrobes    
  • Carpet Rails    
  • Baseboards    
  • Tube and Boxes    
  • Billboards    
  • Stands     
  • Winter Gardens    
  • Gardens, handrails and balustrades    
  • Glass Balconies    
  • Composite Panels (for installation processes)    
  • Facades    
  • Machines        

Aluminium profiles are flexible as they are durable materials that are inherently capable of being manufactured in   any style for any purpose regardless of their raw form after being extracted from the earth. As well as they are able to be  bended, curved, cast and extruded to be mounted simply and readily on every single type of construction and related material  or to be used mainly as a construction product, their surfaces can be diversified in three types to match any desired style or  to form a complement to any previously made system or already-chosen items.                

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